Knowledge Areas

Mine Surveyor (Technician)

Mathematics and Applied Mathematics

algrebra;trigonometry;calculus;complex numbers;co ordinate geometry;analytic geometry;matrices;determinants differentation:partial differentation,series;integrated solutions of first order differential equations;numerical methods;statistics.

Total Credits: 40


Vectors; Kinematics-linear and angular; Dynamics-Newton’s laws and applications, sliding and rolling friction; Work, power, energy, impulse and momentum; Elasticity; Hydrostatics; Fluids dynamics; Heat and heat transfer; Laws of Thermodynamics; Waves; Electricity-forces, fields and current circuits; Light; Optics-application in instrumentation

Total Credits: 8

Basic Surveying and Engineering Surveying

Theory and Principles of Surveying-Mine Surveying; Maps-Plans; Units of measure; Coordinate systems; Basic survey instruments and their use and adjustments; traversing; tape surveying; levelling-Cut and fill, Gradients calculations; tacheometry; Solution of triangles;Area and Volume determination; survey computer applications; triangulation;resection;trilateration;missing date calculations;satellite stations;surveying of ore passes;shaft surveying;curves;advanced survey instuments and data capture.

Total Credits: 52

Information Technology

Introduction to computers; Microsoft software packages; Drawing graphs;Introduction to CAD; Computer hardware;\ncomputer software; Communication skills

Total Credits: 20

Geo-Spatial Information Science

intrduction to geospatial information systems;maps and types of maps;catographic design principals;\nvisualisation;spacial interpolation

Total Credits: 10

Coordinate Systems and Map Projections

2-D and 3-D coordinate systems; grid reference systems; shape of earth; different types of map projections; SA Survey coordinates system

Total Credits: 10

Adjustments, Error Theory and Statistics

The nature of observations and data acquisition, types of errors, means, norms, accuracy, precision; Adjustment of a survey and levelling traverse

Total Credits: 12

Business and project Managment

Develope an ability to communucate effectivley within the mining industry( writen communucation,spoken communication,communication in the workplace);office orgaisation and methods;contracts ;theory of managment

Total Credits: 6

Professional Practice and Ethics

Introduction to the MHSA and Petroleum Act for surveying and sampling; introduction to the mining lease law,Samrec and Sanval codes; profession ethics; professional and technical surveyors act and registration.

Total Credits: 6

Category Specific Research project

Report-Portfolio of evidence demonstrating practical skills: Sample a stope face-development (reef drive, raise, cross-cut); Compilation of a stope-development sampling record; Map a stope face/development end-Cartography and visualisation; Performance of broken ore sampling

Total Credits: 16

3D Modelling / Cartography / Visualisation

Introduction to cartography;basic map production procedures; map design and representation; digital mapping

Total Credits: 10

Mine Sampling and Valuation

Sampling theory and procedures (basic principles and definitions), sampling methods; Sampling reports; Averaging and weighing of sampling results; regular and irregular sampling intervals; weighing by length, area and mass; Calculation of tonnage and mineral content; ore flow; pay limits; grade control; life of mine; valuation of a mineral deposits;managment control factors; present values and compound interest;taxation;borehole valuation; statistical valuation(distribution,probabilty and regression)sampling and valuation computer applications.repoting

Total Credits: 40

Mining geology

mineralogy; physical geology; structural geology

Total Credits: 10